Medical packaging and conditioning in cleanroom
Certificated ISO 13485
ISO 13485 certificate


heat sealer bag
SIMA-MECA presents its new heat sealer bags on Tyvek / PE, dedicated to the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

This thermal welder Tyvek bags / PE is dedicated to the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Through its management by PLC and its bar thermo regulated this thermal welding welder will give you all the reliability and reproducibility you want.
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Description of thermal welder :

  • bar heater 500 mm x 8 mm / 10 mm / 12 mm self-regulated.
  • Heating power 1600 W.
  • Dimensions 603 x 333 x h 372 mm.
  • Touch screen control and control via PLC
  • Registration of output parameters on USB stick.

Features thermal welder :


  • 4 controllers (PID) distributed over the bar heater for better regulation.
  • Communication (digital) ModBus between the controller and the controller allowing no loss of information related to temperature.
  • Coffee heater fixed limiting wear on electrical connections.
  • Exchange surface electric resistance almost equal to the surface of the heater plate.
  • Time program of heating to a temperature rise and temperature stabilization before starting production.


  • Reference pressure controlled digitally. Uniformity of thrust.


  • The time (100th of a second) is measured from the time when the heater bar is in contact with the pouch and not at the time the cycle is switched (the rise time can be variable according to the wear ).


  • Traceability of each cycle on USB (time, temperature and pressure) key.
  • Calibration mode (time, temperature and pressure).
  • Calibration and validation report available on request at extra cost.
  • Compliance with safety.