Medical packaging and conditioning in cleanroom
Certificated ISO 13485
ISO 13485 certificate

Medical packaging cleanroom

medical packaging

Simagec your offers Clean Room classified ISO 5 (Class 100) expertise :

Surface Treatment : sandblasted and passivation

Cleaning with detergent baths ultrasound on stainless steel implants, titanium, ceramic, cobalt chrome, PEEK, PE, silicone.

Packaging (blister packs, sachets Tyvek® vacuum bags)

Labelling (barcode, symbol, etc.)

Medical devices

Orthopedic implants (hip, knee ...)

Spinal implants (cages, screws, bars ...)

Dental Implants and forests

bone Subsituts

Ancillary and surgical instruments

Cardiovascular implants

artificial ligaments

Medical fabrics, etc ...